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After Dark, 2023

After Dark 22e
After Dark 15e
After Dark 18e
After Dark 1e
After Dark 27
After Dark 30e
After Dark 21e
After Dark 16e

Our team transformed the Las Vegas Circus Center into a full-gym immersive circus experience. Audience members flooded in after sunset to be sheparded to different stations with straps, umbrellas, silks, and even a flying piano. One aerial winch had a full rig, but every other area needed a bespoke, low-budget, versatile lighting set up. I chose small LED instruments to blend in to an up close audience in the round without requiring a generator. I relied heavily on practicals, footlighting, and hiding lights within gym equipment, requiring me to load in and out every night. Highlights included a glowing tunnel made of cyr wheels, a color changing cave under a trapeze net featuring a secret concert, and a truss "forest" where our pole and handstand artists performed. This immersive production required some creative problem solving and quick learning on new equipment and gerry-rigged effects.

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