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Blood Moon, 2022

Blood Moon 1
Blood Moon 3
Blood Moon 2
BLOOD MOON BEST - 65 of 66 (1)

To make this ghost story more immersive, Blood Moon was performed in an AirBnB outside of Pittsburgh. I used Philips Hue Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs to light the show without any traditional stage lights breaking the illusion of a house party gone wrong. I enforced the jumpscares with flickers, created looks with a ghostly chill, and played with smart plugs and simple automation. We controlled the lights with a tablet, using a Nanny Cam hidden in the Master bedroom.

Inspiration and Motifs
Ghostly Chills
  • When our ghost showed up, suddenly all the table and standing lamps snapped to blue

  • First reveal of LED smart bulbs used to jump-scare the audience

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