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Not Medea, 2019


This production was performed in a found space: an abandoned Slovenian meeting hall in Pittsburgh, PA. The stage had no traditional lighting fixtures or board, so I programmed a series of Philips Hue smart light bulbs to accommodate my design. Our board operator was able to run the entire show off of an iPhone. ​ The two main characters of Orphans go from being impoverished in Act 1 to luxury in Act 2. My base lighting look for Act 1 was grimy, dirty, and dark, which allowed me to program dramatic flickering effects from Philip's beloved onstage television. After the siblings rise through the ranks in the underbelly of Philidelphia, their living room lighting transforms into flattering pinks and ambers, contrasting the sickly imagery from the previous act.  ​ I emphasized Treat's breakdown in the final scene by setting it at night and cutting most of the front light. This allowed me to use special footlights hidden in the closet, Philip's television, and atop the staircase that Treat climbs as the show closes.

Research Images
Act 1: Barely Scraping By
  • Cooler front light

  • Grimy green and yellow tints

  • Shadowy

  • Reliant on practicals

orph act1.jpg
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